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The Musik Portal is located in Torrance on Sepulveda Blvd, just west of Arlignton.  There is a waiting room for parents and family.  I have two pianos side by side to provide safe and effective teaching.  And I can arrange small recitals during the year for family and friends.

I am Member of MTNA, California Association of Professional Music Teachers South Bay/Santa Monica Chapter and my students participate regularly in recitals and performances.  

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Private Piano Lessons

In-Person side by side grand pianos for safe and efficient teaching.  

Online Piano Lessons Available.


Private Cello Lessons

In-Person and Online Private Lessons.

Small Group Lessons Available 

Violin Workshop

Private Violin Lessons

In-Person and online Private Violin Lessons.  Small Group Lessons Available

Private and group lessons. Availability is limited. Call (310) 774-7284 to schedule Private lessons are in 1/2 hour, 45 minute, and One Hour durations, taught over four consecutive weeks. Missed weeks are not carried over to following months but make up lessons can be scheduled.  

1/2 hour each week, 4 times a month


45 minutes each week, 4 times a month


1 hour each week,

4 times a month


Just call Loraine at 310.774.7284

for payment options, or Venmo Housz, Inc@housz

Contact Us and Sign Up!

Contact Us and Sign Up!

About Loraine

Once a year, students participate in the CAPMT (California Association of Professional Music Teachers) Piano Festival at the Los Angeles Harbor College. This year one of my very dedicated students performed with her mom by her side.

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  • Owner/Teacher The Musik Portal

  • Certified RCMusic Teacher for Piano, Violin and Cello

  • Active Member CAPMT/MTNA, South Bay/Torrance Area

  • CAPMT District 4 Director 3 years District 4 and RSBCC Chapter

  • Received State Award 2020

  • Past President Elect RSBCC, Riverside-San Bernardino County

  • Chapter Chair, District 4 - Honors and Contemporary Festival

  • Owner of The Musik Planet for 12+ yrs

  • Founding School for RCM since 2010

  • Teacher of National Gold Level 6 Violin RCMusic Student 2018

  • Past Experience: 2008-2019 Active Member of MTAC,

  • Successful testing of students in all the CM Levels Prep - ADV

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Did you know that negative comments can actually reinforce wrong performance?  In my experience with teaching music, I have found that positive reinforcement is more effective than negative.


In commenting to children and adults, I try to get them to see the desired results.  This helps them to visualize and stir their creative juices with positive reinforcement.  

For example, "I like how you hit this passage, and counted this part.  Let's carry that to this passage and phrasing."   

And, "Let me demonstrate for you.  Watch how I count this.  Now let's try it together."  

My philosophy is to help illustrate success and how to constructively change a weak performance to a strong musical one.  University psychology studies have proven that pointing out wrongful and negative performance is not nearly as effective as bringing about desired change by giving positive comments.   I remember hearing that the average child in the home receives only one positive response for every twenty-one negative responses. I heard this early on in my teaching career, but I always taught by positive reinforcement.   I have continued to teach with positive reinforcement over the past thirty plus years.   Positive comments build confidence and the desire to do better.  I choose to teach success.

Loraine Plante

Loraine Plante teaches violin.jpg

Loraine learning violin... she's been at it for awhile.

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